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President Kent Fuchs
October 10, 2018

Dear UF students and colleagues,

As Hurricane Michael approaches Florida’s Panhandle and is poised to affect a wide swath of our state and beyond, I join all of you in the hope that the storm will move through quickly, with no injuries or deaths and with as little damage as possible.

Many students, faculty and staff have friends and family members in Michael’s path. I share your worries for their well-being and your wishes that they will come through the storm without incident.

For students, faculty or staff who live or work in areas likely to be affected by the storm, including nearby coastal counties where storm surge and higher winds are expected, I urge you to make wise personal choices. In the event your home is damaged and you have to move to a temporary home or make repairs, our Aid-A-Gator program offers financial assistance to employees and students who experience hardships. Employees also may call the Employee Assistance Program and students may contact U Matter We Care

While we in Alachua County do not expect extreme weather conditions, I am mindful of those who find themselves in the storm’s path. I extend my thoughts to those members of the university community, and I urge them to take all necessary precautions to ensure their safety, and the safety of their friends and loved ones.

The University of West Florida, Florida State University and Florida A&M University have all decided to close as Hurricane Michael approaches. I join you in offering our caring thoughts to their students, faculty and entire university communities, and our sincere hopes that they will experience minimal impacts and reopen quickly.

In times like these, our strength lies in our ability to take care of each other. I know The Gator Nation stands ready to step up and help those in need following the storm. 



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